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The best miso is made, not bought. That’s the simple truth. 

But the great thing is, miso making is easy! Only 3 ingredients, and time. How complicated can it be?

Until just a generation or so ago, most households in Japan made their own miso. Miso is designed to be made by amateurs at home, was not something to be bought, and people knew in their gut that homemade was the best.

Miso is powerfully probiotic. It’s not only tasty, it’s good for you. Miso and miso soup is considered everyday medicine in Japan. 

I will never, ever, stop growing koji and making miso. It’s too much fun.



Mieko grew up mostly in Japan, and has been cooking since age 5. Fermentation using koji and miso is her current passion in the kitchen. She started miso making as a way to water her food roots, and for good health. She loves it so much she doesn’t think she will ever stop.

She lives in Berkeley, California and enjoys the mild weather in the San Francisco Bay Area to make miso year round. Her husband, mother-in-law and a large white dog enjoys the eating part.


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